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Vacuum Investment Casting (VIM-IC)

Vacuum Arc Melting and Casting

Because of titanium’s high affinity for oxygen, melting and casting of this highly reactive material must be done under a vacuum. A consumable titanium  electrode is melted with an electric arc into a watercooled tiltable copper crucible. When the desired fill level in the crucible is obtained, the electrode is automatically and quickly retracted and the molten titanium is poured into a precision casting mold. The melting process is automatically controlled and can be remotely observed via a monitor.

in large view

in large view

1. Titanium castings, 2. Vacuum arc skull melter model L500 SM, 3. Vacuum arc skull melter

Crucibles of appropriate sizes can be used for different pouring weights. One electrode allows several pours. The basic version of the standard systems is the single-chamber version where crucible and mold are located in the same chamber. This version can be extended by adding a mold-cooling chamber to raise the system’s productivity. The systems may also be equipped with a centrifugal-casting unit to improve mold filling of shapes with small and complex cross sections. An argon cooling system, offered as an option, can be applied for enhanced mold cooling and further reduction of furnace cycle time.

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