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High Vacuum Resistances Furnaces (WI)

for Special High-Temperature Processes

in large view

in large view

1. WI 800/1100 High Vacuum resistance furnace - buttom loading system

ALD’s WI high-vacuum resistance furnaces are specially designed and built for applications in industry and research with extraordinary requirements in high-temperature processes, such as:

• Vacuum annealing, degassing and refining
• Sintering of metals and ceramics
• Liquid-phase sintering and metal impregnation
• Vacuum brazing and active-metal brazing
• Vacuum material testing
Each WI furnace is sized and configured for a specific process and application with respect to furnace size, layout, vacuum system, hot zone and charging system.

High-vacuum can be achieved by diffusion pumps or completely dry turbo-molecular pumps. ALD also has industrial experience with and provides safe solutions for hightemperature hydrogen furnaces.

For ultrahigh-vacuum applications, a special ALD double-chamber concept has been proven to permit an ultimate vacuum in the heat treatment chamber of <10-8 mbar at 1850 °C.

All furnaces are equipped with state-of-theart PLC process control and visualization.

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