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Own & Operate - Vacuum Heat Treatment at First Hand

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Equipment Engineering and Production Services – a synergistic production combination

The “new technology” was developed by ALD Vacuum Technologies in the early 1990’s. This equipment technology offered distinct advantages to traditional atmosphere heat treat processes and as a result, new process techniques such as vacuum carburizing and high pressure gas quenching were developed for this new vacuum technology.

When first introduced, the processes were not easily accepted as they were significantly different from established heat treat processes using atmosphere and oil quenches. We envisioned that the new process technology would solve many of the problems such as fit and form that were often associated with these traditional atmosphere and oil bath quenches, especially in high volume serial production.

To assist the global manufacturing community in understanding the new technology, ALD Vacuum Technology established the Own and Operate Division, which provided a showcase for the ALD brand equipment technology as well as the new process techniques. In this manner, the client can conduct an investigation in a real time setting and determine the benefits of the equipment technology for their own unique components or to test the new process technology.

If after review, the client would like to order the equipment, we are pleased to work with them through the order, installation and training of their personnel. For those manufacturers that would prefer to outsource the heat treat processes we have established service centers to accommodate their needs and provide the services on a contractural basis.

Since our first Service Center was established in 1999 in Limbach-Oberfrohna, we have expanded to provide additional service centers in Port Huron Michigan (USA) and Ramos Arizpe, Coahuila (Mexico). Each one of these service centers offer unique services and processes serving different industries. We constantly seek for new opportunities to expand this service center network.

Vacuheat GmbH Limbach OberFrohna (Chemnitz, Germany)
, was established in 1999, as a subsidiary of the Own and Operate Group. Here we provide for the heat treatment of diesel fuel injection components for a local customer. Based on the success of this operation we developed other processes for high temperature brazing (heat exchangers).

ALD Thermal Treatment (USA) in Port Huron, Michigan was established in 2005. This particular service center was instrumental in the introduction of vacuum carburizing (LPC) with high pressure gas quench (HPGQ) on transmission gears for the US automotive industry. A variety of gears used in the modern 6 Speed Automatic transmissions are heat treated at this facility and shipped to three Transmission plants in the Midwest. In 2010, we merged the South Carolina facility (founded in 2001) into the Port Huron Service Center.

These highly developed ALD vacuum carburizing processes have become the industry benchmark for stable metallurgical results and in the reduction of distortion in precision gear geometries. It is highly prized by a wide variety of clients in the automotive industry.

ALD Tratamientos Termicos (Mexico) was established in 2008 to provide the ALD vacuum carburizing processes in the Mexico marketplace. A variety of gears are also heat treated and supplied to two Automatic Transmission plants based in Mexico. We continue to grow this operation with additional equipment and have acquired further customers already.




1. Production facility Vacuheat – Limbach (Germany), 2. Production facility Port Huron (USA), 3. Production facility Ramos Arizpe (Mexico)

ALD Own and Operate – Service and Competence in new technologies

ALD Own & Operate is the leading heat treatment specialist for vacuum carburizing and high pressure gas quenching – worldwide. Through the end of 2010 we have deployed our equipment globally to serve an ever expanding marketplace:

•    6 DualTherm Vacuum Furnaces
•    12 ModulTherm Lines with 72 vacuum treatment chambers
•    2 Continuous Lines for plasma carburizing
•    Vacuum brazing furnaces

Whether your need is state of the art equipment for an in-plant installation, or you prefer to outsource your work to one of our services centers, ALD is ready to assist you with established synergies in equipment technology or heat treat process expertise anywhere in the world.