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Our vacuum technology is what separates us from the rest of the heat treat community. Our parent ALD Vacuum Technology GmbH of Hanau Germany, has a long and rich tradition in the design and implementation of equipment and the creation of process technologies to support that “cutting edge” vacuum processing equipment.


ALD Thermal Treatment utilizes this equipment, high-technology processes and state of the art fixturing concepts to provide heat treat services on complex shapes where dimensional control is critical.


Our technology consists of specialized equipment which incorporates “state of the art” process methods to produce vacuum carburizing (LPC). The high pressure gas quench we use provides precise control of the quenching (cooling) process to achieve the right balance in structure and hardness. With our particular blend of control technologies we can reproduce the results from quench time after time – a big improvement over traditional oil quenches.


Since no oils are used in the processes, we are able to incorporate high technology fixturing concepts that keep the processed parts flat while transfering very little heat to the component in the quenching process (heat which might distort or alter the components). These fixture types have great longevity and are a significant cost savings in long run/cycle life products.


Our technology is truly a “green” process. We utilize safe and environmentally friendly processes and even capture and reuse our Helium from quenches. No process effluent flows to a drain and very little gas escapes into the atmosphere. With “cool wall construction” and electric heating our technology is robust and designed to be friendly to the environment where we live and work.


For more information on our technology visit our resource library.