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ALD receives 3rd SyncroTherm® order for Aerospace Industry
22 April 2017

ALD Vacuum Systems, Inc., Wixom, MI, has received a purchase order from a North American based aerospace manufacturer for a SyncroTherm brand, fully-integrated vacuum heat treating system. This system will primarily perform Low Pressure Carburizing (LPC) and is the direct replacement for two (2) vintage batch IQ atmosphere carburizing furnaces. In addition to LPC, the unit will also perform austenitizing, vacuum brazing, gas quenching, cryogenic treating and tempering. This fully integrated, compact heat treating cell will be among the first known captive LPC operations west of the Mississippi.

ALD continues to expand the SyncroTherm presence in the heat treating world with applications for the automotive drivetrain, consumer tool, textile, bearing, commercial heat treating, hydraulics, aerospace and fuel systems markets. This will be the 3rd SyncroTherm to support the needs of NADCAP (National Aerospace And Defense Contractors Accreditation Program) and it will be comprised of five (5) independently controlled hot zones, each rated for load sizes of 24”x20”x9” high and up to 110 pounds. SyncroTherm systems operate using recipe selectable high pressure gas quench, and incorporates support processes such as cryogenic and temper sequences in a fully automated, lights-out fashion. Individual part tracking and complete process history retention are key functions within the system along with a consistent process cadence.


About ALD Vacuum Systems Inc. - ALD Vacuum Systems Inc. is located in Wixom, MI and focuses on the NAFTA region for the ALD Vacuum Technologies GbmH group of companies. ALD brings high performance vacuum carburizing, vacuum nitriding and vacuum furnace automation to the vacuum furnace market. ALD offers the world’s leading technology in high pressure gas quenching equipment and is prepared to meet your specific vacuum heat treat equipment requirements. For additional information on our vacuum based product offerings call ALD Vacuum Systems, Inc. at (248) 956-7612 or visit their website at www.aldvac.com.